Single-wall nanotube
Item: S4402 (CVD method)  
Purity: > 95%(from HRTEM)
Content of Swnts: > 90%
Outside Diameter: 1-2 nm (from HRTEM)
Inside Diameter: 0.8-1.6 nm (from Raman spectra)
Average diameter: 1.5 nm (from Raman spectra)
Length: 10-20um
SSA: 400 m2/g
Color: black
Bulk density: 0.3 g/cm3
Young's modulus (Gpa): ~1000
Tensile strength (Gpa): ~150
Ash: < 1.2%
Thermal conduct (W/m.k): ~2000
Viscosity: zero
Raman spectra  
Certificate of analysis